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Hello! My name is Kevin Vogrin, and through the use of a camera I capture and tell visual stories. I am a filmmaker and fine art photographer that specializes in capturing emotion and intimacy.

Filmmaking and photography are my biggest passions. Over the past 13 years I have completed over 250 projects. I hold an M.A. in Communication Arts, and a B.A. in Digital Media/Art. I currently serve as the filmmaker for Lafayette College, where I lead the direction of their video presence.

What sets me apart from other commercial filmmakers:

  • I capture and relate emotion, energy, and feeling within images and video.

  • I listen. I work with you to create powerful and moving stories.

  • I explain items on an easy to understand level, and relate them in an easy to understand manner.

  • I have experience working with a wide variety of clients including those that with: English as a second language, on the autism spectrum, non-actors, musicians, small business owners, higher education, and artists.

My love for filmmaking started during my undergraduate, where I had the opportunity to shoot super 8mm and 16mm film, and 35mm still photography. I’ve since shared my passion for the moving arts with various filmmaking and art groups in Pennsylvania, booking filmmakers and curating and organizing smaller film festivals. Recently, I’ve taken on a mentor role by training others in production, photography, and communications.

My diverse background in filmmaking, photography, and multimedia allows me to add a higher polish and depth to your productions that few others accomplish. Your videos will shine with personality, and connect not only visually, but emotionally with your audience.